Furbyzine is a nonprofit zine dedicated to the cultural toy phenomenon that is the Furby!



Furbyzine is a zine focused on all things Furby! Come join us in Furbyland!

  • The zine will be available as a digital PDF and as a printed perfect-bound 6x9" book in limited quantities. Contributors will be provided with a template to use.

  • Small merchandise items like enamel pins and stickers will be available along with physical preorders.

  • Participants over the age of 13 are welcome to participate, but please note that minors must have guardian permission in order to receive a copy of the zine.

  • All profits benefit a children's charity to be decided on by participants. Contributors will receive a free copy of the zine but no financial compensation.


  • OCs

  • "Anthro" Furbies

  • Explorations of lore/other official designs and locations

  • Art of any Furby generation/iteration including Shelbies/Furblings

  • Non-digital artwork

  • Custom Furby designs (note: must be created FOR the zine)

  • Any PG-13+ content (suggestive art, gore)

  • Eyestraining designs or use of color

  • Other brands, including collaborations with other IPs (Hasbro-owned or otherwise)

  • Premade artwork

  • OCs/art belonging to others

Furbyzine is unofficial and not affiliated with Hasbro.



JUNE 15Artist applications open
JULY 15Artist applications close
JULY 20Artists are notified
JULY 25Accepted artist form due
JULY 30Contributor list is uploaded
AUGUST 5Idea check
SEPTEMBER 1Check-in 1
OCTOBER 1Check-in 2
NOVEMBER 1Check-in 3
NOVEMBER 25Final due date
TBDPreorders open



ARTIE ★ Organizer


hi! i'm artie and i'm a hobbyist artist that loves 90s-00s nostalgia (like furbies)!this will be my second time organizing a zine and i'm so excited to be putting this project together! :^D

MARS ★ Support Mod


hey! i'm marlow, and i'm a multimedia artist who loves everything vintage, especially from the 90s! this will be my first time modding for a zine and i am so excited to be a part of it!



✦ What is a zine?

A zine (or fanzine) is a self-published book usually dedicated to a specific form of media, collaborative or otherwise.

✦ How do I apply and what are the requirements?

Artist applications will be available at on June 15th. Artists must be over the age of 13 and provide 3-5 finished artworks in a portfolio (links to Drive folders, websites or social medias are all acceptable as portfolios). All levels of style and skill are welcome! Links to active social media are required (SFW links are preferred but not mandatory).

✦ What should I do for my piece?

Anything (within reason)! Any form of media (3D, digital, clay, traditional, custom Furbies, etc.) is welcome and encouraged. Tributes to the Furby fandom, LongFurbies, dedications to 90's-00's culture, OCs and fanlore, references to memes, and more are all welcome expressions of Furby appreciation!

✦ When can I post/sell my piece?

Artists can post their piece after preorders end and can sell their piece after the last zine has been mailed. As a courtesy we ask that artists refrain from posting their piece until the project is complete!

✦ Who's the Furby on the homepage?

The zine mascot Pinwheel!